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RS4 Security

RS4 Security Company

Who We Are

The trend for security operations in the UK is becoming polarised. Security is diverging toward two opposite extremes;

  • One typified by a highly trained and well paid security operators with a wealth of experience and an ability to positively affect any given security situation, mitigate the effects and add real VALUE to any organisation.
  • The other with security officers on or about minimum wage with only the minimum training required by law.

Where we operate:

Our operations are national, from the northern highlands to the inner city of London.

RS4 Security consultants have worked closely with its clients across the globe, we truly bring a level of expertise and professionalism that ensures that we constantly over deliver and perform in every aspect of our business.

We are expanding operations which will see us end 2014 with offices in Staffordshire, to assist our operations in the Midlands and Morayshire Scotland to support some of our most isolated locations.

Our values

Our people are our business, we ensure that we employ only the very best operators. We look for and demonstrate a strong sense of integrity and personal motivation that far exceeds our clients expectations

We measure our performance not in profit but a percentage that is much higher, customer satisfaction , repeat work and excellent client relationships

The Procedures and processes we implement are of the highest standards not only within our industry but the industry's we span.

Through our positive management systems and the working environments we create our values are imprinted not only on our uniforms but the operators who ware them with pride..